Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On Time and Money

My younger sister and I, though very similar in many ways (none of which, however, do I feel capable of expressing in words), are very, very different in many other ways.  Two of these ways which have become very apparent to me in recent weeks are time and money.

I’ll start with money, because sometimes doing things backwards is fun.  She has always been miss moneybags; she has always had more money than I, and she’s always spent more money than I.  Even considering the eight years between us and her youth, she has always been the liberal spender, I, the cheapskate.

Time is what’s really gotten me now, though (because I don’t know how to relate to her).  Sure, I’ve always gotten a kick out of revelling nostalgically in the past and planning excitedly for the future, but I have refused to let this get in my way of living in the present for as long as I was aware that such a concept existed. 

But between personality differences and the disparity between firstborn and last-born, she takes a completely different approach to time.  Where I’ve never cared much about age when it comes to dating, she refuses to even entertain a celebrity crush on a guy more than two or three years her senior.  Where my enjoyment for the present keeps me grounded, her desire to be away from the troubles and limitations of now helps her to be a very bitter fourteen-year-old (but I repeat myself).

Anyway.  This post was rather self-indulgent.  I just don’t know how to relate to my sister anymore.  Thanx for listening, and feel free to advise away on How to Deal With Teenagers Without Actually Killing Them.  :)


  1. My only advise is to give her time to grow up. Growing up it was nearly impossible to have a healthy relationship with my brother. I think that as your sister develops a deeper sense of who she is, you will find it easier to relate to her. Having spent (too much) time with 14 year old girls in my short lifetime, and NOT being an authority, expert, or having any real knowledge on the matter, I feel completely qualified to diagnose your sister as having a bad case of teenageritits. It is a horrible disease that can set in anywhere from 11-16 years old. You are just gonna have to ride this one out.

  2. Hmmmm...

    I too am a youngest child. Yet I am a masculine child. Well...someone recently brought that into dispute, informing me that, were a woman, I would surely be a lesbian...but the fact still remains. In any case, everything you said about how your sister does things makes sense to me. But the more interesting part was your self-reflection.


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