Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Horbgorbles

I just played Balderdash with my family.  Our new favorite word is horbgorble.  Any commenter who guesses its meaning correctly (or, perhaps more fun, comes up with an awesome enough definition) without the aid of the internet (on your honor) can have some sort of privileged commenter status or something.  Or at least bragging rights and permission to mock the other commenters mercilessly.


  1. Horbgorbles: Noun
    1. Small green skinned fantasy creatures. Close relation to Hobgobles.
    2. A very ugly outfit.

  2. The mumbling a Harburg makes either when proven wrong or eating a sumptuous meal.

  3. Will: Does such an ugly outfit have to look like such a small green-skinned fantasy creature? And is a hobgoble a distant cousin of the hobgoblin? I don't know much about such ancestral issues.

    Aaron: 1) Do these noises resemble each other? Or are they simply both denoted by the same word? Also, does this refer to any Harburg or specifically to A. Harburg?

  4. The ugly outfit must include the color green.

  5. For the record: A horbgorble is a slow, leisurely walk.


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