Thursday, May 7, 2009

On God Showing Off

'Cuz really, that's exactly what it is: unnecessary yet awesome.  I read the following this morning, in today's selection for the Proper of Saints from Dr. Pius Parsch's Year of Grace:

"The Breviary relates the following incident from [St. Stanislaus'] life.  King Boleslaus of Poland summoned the bishop before a solemn gathering of the nation's rulers and falsely accused him of illegally holding certain property that had, in fact, been purchased and paid for by him in the name of the Church.  But when he could not prove the transaction by documents and the witnesses were afraid to speak the truth, Stanislaus promised to bring before the court within three days the person from whom he had bought the ground, a certain Peter who had died three years previously.  His proposal was accepted with derisive laughter.

"Then the man of God spent three days in fasting and prayer; and after he had offered the Sacrifice of holy Mass on the third day, the day he was to re-appear in court, Stanislaus commanded Peter to rise from his grave.  Upon hearing the bishop's command, Peter immediately came to life, abandoned his tomb, and accompanied the bishop to the royal tribunal.  There to the consternation and utter amazement of the king and all his attendants, Peter gave testimony to the sale of the land in question and to the full and lawful payment made by the bishop.  Then he again fell asleep in the Lord."

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