Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

So... I've been failing miserably at my plan to blog... but as I usually enjoy the Super Bowl commercials as much as the game itself, I present to you a Special Edition! My favorites from last night's game. The best ones are, of course, at the bottom, so if you have a limited attention span, skip down to the really good ones rather than wasting your time on pretty good. :)

Most Honorable Mention: Gangnam style pistachios: Well executed, and smart, even if it wasn't one of my favorites. You know someone had to do it.

10. - I'll be honest, half of why I'm listing this is because it was a clever commercial in and of itself, but half (or more) is because GoDaddy actually managed to produce a non-smutty commercial. I think that actually deserves some appreciation in light of their history.

9. BlackBerry could use the product makeover, and the good press. As a former BlackBerry user, I appreciate this commercial, and wish them the best of luck with their new product.

8. Mercedes's Deal with the Devil idea well cleverly executed, down to the actual Latin on the contract!

7. This pair of Century 21 ads had great potential to be stupid and annoying; I was rather surprised to find them entertaining!

6. The ending just makes this Tide commercial. All's fair in love and sports, eh?

5. Continuing on the theme of sports fan commercials, these Bud Light ones tied in the New Orleans voodoo tradition. While I don't recommend the practice of voodoo, I know just enough crazy sports fans to see that these are pretty spot on!

4. I can't even remember the last time I saw a Milk Moustache commercial! This was fun.

3. An M&M singing Meatloaf, with pictures to match. Keepin' it classy, M&M.

2. Oreo Whisper Fight! Remember how everyone listened to the librarian when she shushed us as kids? Well played, Oreo.

1. But the favorite? Taco Bell! A great idea, well executed, and memorable (even if perhaps more memorable for elements other than product placement).

Bonus! This one technically didn't count as a commercial, since it was just a CBS spot, but my family enjoyed it. Sadly, the image preview spoils the surprise, but it was still well done.

In case you have desire to see more, I also give honorable mentions to Audi, Sketchers, Best Buy, Axe, Pepsi Next, Kia, ToyotaVolkswagen, and Hyundai.

Hope y'all had a fun Super Bowl Sunday (even if you spent it avoiding the game itself)! Back soon, I promise...


  1. In my little no-television world, I rely on the internet and friends like you to keep me updated on the important parts of the evening. :) Actually, I don't even know who won the game, but these were great. :) Thanks!

  2. Gotta disagree on GoDaddy. I found it incredibly tasteless, trashy, and nerd bashing. I don't know how you classify "paying a super-model to make out with the ugliest guy we can find" not smutty.

    I'm glad I went through the trouble, cost, and aggravation to migrate all of my domains from them last year.

  3. Aaron, did you even watch my link? What you discuss is NOT the commercial I was talking about! That commercial to which you rightly object was, sadly, what I've come to expect from GoDaddy, based on previous years' SB ads. But look at the video I embedded above: I would even let a child watch that. THAT provided my pleasant shock from an awful company whom I'd never support. Aside from the fact that it was actually a decent commercial.

    And Faith, I'm glad to be of assistance! The Ravens won, but it was an excellent, exciting, and close game with some big plays and a handful of surprises (i.e., just what one hopes for in a Super Bowl)!

  4. I too am excited to see your favorite commercials. I just have to find time when the kids are asleep. :)

  5. No... didn't click on the link. I just went from memory. Sorry for the confusion.


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