Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On Super Bowl Commercials and Sexism

This is not meant to be a full-blown post. Just my two cents on a discussion that, this time, confuses me as much as it frustrates me.

This Audi commercial is one that I enjoyed, though not enough to rank it in my top ten yesterday:

The internets* are all incensed because of this commercial, which is apparently about a high schooler going up to a girl he doesn't know at all and forcing a kiss on her without her consent.

I don't know about you, but that's not the story I saw.

I saw a self-conscious kid who finally got up the guts to announce his feelings to the friend he's had a crush on for months (or years)... a kid to whom his new black eye doesn't matter at all, in the exhilaration of a long-awaited risk finally taken, and in the excited hope that it might have paid off.

And you know what? I'm okay with that message. Sure, I think a kiss is not the ideal way to open such a conversation, but he manned up and made his intentions known, leaving the decision in her hands. Some days, that sounds like a dream come true!

This video leaves a lot to be inferred, much of which reflects more on the viewer than the directors. For those particularly sensitive to misogyny, I can see how this could be upsetting. But I simply cannot believe that their read of the situation is the more plausible one.

*Or at least the corner of the internets that I've been inhabiting lately...


  1. Huh. I guess people see what they're looking for. I would totally agree with you about the message. I mean, it's not soul-shatteringly profound, but it's cute and innocuous.

  2. Yup. Agree 100%. I've seen people online classify that as sexual assault. People are crazy.

    I know a lot of very shy nerdy types who occasionally confide in me their interest for a girl. No matter what the outcome will be, unless I know she's married or engaged or something, I always tell them to go for it. Being rejected and learning how to take it is part of being a man. I wouldn't usually counsel to go for a kiss, but if done with the right flair and timing, it could be effective.


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