Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 11

My talk on the Year of Faith was last night, and by all accounts, it was a great success. Even the handful of traddy friends who came, who can't possibly think Vatican II was all that great, spoke very highly of it even when I asked specifically for their criticisms!

Every time I give a catechetical talk, I come away from it thinking, I really need to give more talks. This, combined my recent experiences at a weekly Bible Study, may be encouraging me to rethink the way I involve myself in ministry and the kinds of positions I may look at.

Or I may just go out of my way to be in a position to give more talks. That's fun, too. :)

Speaking of last night's talk (the slides for which I will share here sometime, probly next week), I bring you my single favorite slide from the whole presentation:

I'm actually kind of surprised that it worked out so well. And rather pleased with it. :D

Speaking of Vatican II, this presentation made me realize that I haven't actually read all its documents (for shame!). I mean, I've read Sacrosanctum Concilium about three thousand times, give or take, and I've at least heavily skimmed the other 3 constitutions, but I'm not sure I've done more than spot check paragraphs in the declarations or decrees.

I guess I have a new resolution for the Year of Faith...

I love the internet. I really do. In addition to somebody scanning nearly all the images from the Baltimore Catechism (don't read the comments; they're snarkier than usual), I found some real gems while assembling this presentation. Some examples:

This was found while seeking a caption for a line from the pope's
Wednesday Audience this week: "Christianity, before being
a moral or ethical system, is the advent of love,
it is to welcome the person of Jesus.
" (emphasis mine)

For explaining the theological concept that time is a creature: a time creature.

Okay, those were my favorites. Hopefully I haven't now spoiled your entire reason for wanting to look through my coming slideshow. :)

So, earlier this week I made myself Kraft mac and cheese (don't judge my comfort food), and poured for myself the last of a bottle of wine, left over from a movie night earlier in the week. There was a bit more wine than I was expecting, so I looked in the bubbling pot of cheese sauce, thought to myself, actual cheese sauces often use wine, so what the heck? and poured some in. Surprisingly positive result. I would recommend it. Ya' know, the next time you're having a wine-and-comfort-food kind of dinner. :)

Simcha shared this video today, and I'll be honest, I kind of love it. Not to beat a dead horse, but the internet is truly a marvelous place.

And that's a wrap! Jen's got the rest. (And you really should head over, if only to look at the picture she's got listed as #3. Brilliant! I love Catholics.)


  1. Annie3:17 PM

    I'd been putting off watching that youtube video, but your post finally caused me to cave in. It's wonderful! What is it about JPII's voice that makes a person to be unable to do anything but smile ear to ear?

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    It's ok, Claire; I buy mac n' cheese with the excuse that it's one of the few things Lucia will eat wholeheartedly...but the truth is....I eat almost the entire box.

    1. Yes! There was a sale, and the funky shaped ones cost the same price as the regular ones (and everyone knows the funky shapes taste different). It was exciting. :D

  3. So, I thought I would dislike this video. But the moment I heard his voice, I was reminded how much I love that man. Thank you for sharing.


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