Sunday, April 5, 2009

On the Transfiguration

I really want to play around with having a more casual style, in which I can throw comments out here just 'cuz I feel like it, but then I fear this will become like the xangas I kept in high school. No offense to anyone who keeps that kind of blog; that's just not at all what I want for this. But because half my point on this thing is to experiment, here I am. Hopefully next week I'll even be able to keep to my schedule (since I am nearly done with my Lenten rosary meditations)!

So: the Transfiguration. This one is pretty cool, particularly in light of how Moses asked to sort of see God's glory, and all he was able to actually look at was a passing glimpse of God's backside - and yet here the Three are able to see Jesus in His glory! Perhaps it wasn't quite the same divine splendor, but that's still pretty cool. Naturally, conversing with Moses and Elijah about His coming passion is also awesome because He literally fulfills the Law (given to us through Moses) and the Prophets (exemplified by Elijah). Which reminds me: Anyone heard of any tradition that Moses might be bodily in heaven? I know he was buried and all, but since he did appear bodily in glory with Elijah... just a thought.

Here's something about which I don't usually remember to think: What a comfort it must have been to Christ to speak with men who were (in a certain sense) His equals about this thing that must have weighed heavily on His mind (evidenced by His frequent mentions of it to His clueless apostles)! It's always such a load off my shoulders when I can discuss an idea (whether philosophical, theological, liturgical, psychological, or even grammatical) with a loved one who is of the same mind.

I like to think I'm not recreating the God-Man in my own image. But I do love seeing reflections of my own feelings and desires in His life (and His mothers').

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  1. St. Michael fought with Satan over Moses' body in Daniel which is referenced in Jude.


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