Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Notre Shame

If you've somehow been living in a bubble and missed all of the crazy news reportings on the Notre Dame Commencement scandal, head on over to the Papist and catch up.  I'm too short on time to recap.

But two things have struck me that seem to be glossed over, the latter even more than the former, by the Catholic media that are covering this story:

1) The objection to Obama receiving the degree has at least as much to do with Catholic identity than it does with  abortion politics (more so, in my opinion).  The fact that so many people at Notre Dame don't seem to realize or understand the great rift this places between the university and its bishop (not to mention the Church at large) is sad indeed.

2) What about the graduates?  Their commencement is no place for such an intellectual battle to take place!  Their day should be about them!  I commend Mary Ann Glendon for seeming to remember them in her letter (7th paragraph).

The offer to President Obama will not be rescinded.  Even in the best of circumstances (which this is not) it would have been nearly (if not outright) impossible to have cancelled the honor once the word went public and scandal erupted.

But the truth does need to be spoken.  Still, let's be careful to remember the graduates, who have no control over this big media event and how it colors their big day.  May they and their families, at least, be able to celebrate their achievements and an education well-pursued.


  1. The only thing that Fr Jenkins (Notre Shame President) has any right to be surprised about in all of this is that his bishop had the spine to stand up to him. :)

  2. Maybe if we're lucky, he won't show up. I know, wishful thinking.


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