Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Wedding at Cana

So I'm a few mysteries behind. I'm sure you've noticed by now my habit of blog-binging. Bingeing? Spellcheck prefers the first one, but they both look wrong to me...

For a long time, I meditated specifically on the sacrament of marriage here, and the added dignity and all that that Jesus gave to it ("from the beginning it was not so" and all that jazz). Then one day I suddenly realized that essentially, this mystery has little to do with marriage at all!

It was His first miracle. Not a healing, nothing spectacular - just a little housekeeping detail that His mom asked him to take care of. It's mysteries like this more than anything else that've helped me to understand the purpose of Marian intercession. Just because she asked Him to! Now that's obedience!

And it was just an everyday little detail! We don't even know if anyone directly benefitted from this miracle (save for the host, who was saved embarassment, and perhaps the slaves who saw what was going on), but He did it anyway, to make the day that much more perfect.

I really need to pay better attention to the little things in my own life.

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