Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Visitation

Our Blessed Mother traveled great distance to call upon her cousin Elizabeth immediately following the Annunciation.  Differing traditions suggest that she went with Joseph, or alone with a handmaid (though I tend to favor the latter).

We all know what happened when she got there.  When her greeting reached Elizabeth's ears, John jumped within her womb.  I read once that his original sin was removed at that point (making him third in human perfection - an interesting possibility).  But, in keeping with my love of obscure references between the Testaments, I must point out that the verb used when John "jumped" is the same one that narrated David's dancing before the Lord with abandon, upon the city of Jerusalem's celebration that the ark of the covenant was home.  As one who has, at times, danced with abandon before the Lord, I can promise you that the intensity is just a bit greater than a simple "jump."  I do enjoy Biblical-translation understatements, once I've learned the real context.

The other thing I often return to in this mystery is the human element.  Mary had just been given a supernatural pregnancy by the Lord - so had Elizabeth!  Yes, I'm sure Mary served Elizabeth while she was out there (though I'd imagine Elizabeth served Mary at times as well), but it remains that Mary was human, and as such she sought companionship, someone who knew what she was going through.  Talk about spiritual sisterhood!

When I'm going crazy and can't figure my life out on my own, I sometimes remember our Virgin Mother and Elizabeth, and smile as I pick up my cell phone and dial...

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  1. Hey neat blog! That's very brave of you to discuss these kinds of things out in the open like this. I look forward to reading some interesting posts of yours. Take care, I'll see you at Spirit and Truth this summer!


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