Monday, February 2, 2009

On Poor Time-Management Skills

To borrow the internet colloquialism: I haz them.

I suppose this is my sort of apology for the inconsistencies in my posting. It's terrible, too, because I have at least six fully composed blog entries in my head, but haven't managed to discipline myself to take the time to actually write them out. Even now it's past my bedtime (which is extra important, as I'm taking the GRE's tomorrow), but I've been meaning to write this for days, so:

In a manner akin to how Mulier Fortis apologizes and fills space on her blog, I offer to you a photo of a sight which caused me a good laugh in the side chapel of a church I frequent (I apologize for the blurriness; my cell phone's camera is not the best):

Words fail me. I can't but laugh! (And yes, there's even a label on the base of the status that says "St. Jude." Now I'm really curious as to what happened to St. Thomas More!


  1. What happened to my dude!
    He usually has the hat to remedy all moods.


  2. Wow. I don't know what to say.

    But on the topic of St. Thomas More, we were talking about him in Dr. White's class the other day. Dr. White was comparing St. Thomas More's attitude toward sex (he described it as "bawdy") to St. Alphonsus de Ligouri's attitude. St. Alphonsus apparently said that a boy who had masturbating even once in his life should not be admitted to the priesthood.

    I spent the discussion wondering if the girls in the class felt awkward.

  3. I have a bawdy patron saint?
    That explains so much of my life!



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