Saturday, March 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes: I will probably never post one of these on a Friday again Edition

I know, I know! It's not Friday. Fridays are increasingly inconvenient. However, Liz and Sana both posted this week, and I have been feeling generally uncommunicative of late, so...

1. I live in Queens now! It's amazing how very different it is to live 30m from Midtown Manhattan by subway, as opposed to 45m by bus...

2. By "the city," everyone in this area means not just NYC, but Manhattan. Lifelong Queens residents I've met here refer to "going into the city" for a night out or some such thing, even though they already live in NYC.

3. I work north of the city and live east, so I have to pass through the city to get home. This makes it wildly convenient for me to attend a lecture / special Mass / meetup at a bar / dinner with friends on my way home from work. I've been here two weeks and already done all those things. I've missed life moving at this pace. :)

4. I spend 2-2.5h (round trip) commuting every day, depending on the train schedules. That sounds crazy, I know, but between doing my makeup on the train, iBreviary, my rosary,, and my smartphone, I'm pretty much fine. (I've considered mobile blogging, actually, but my phone's software just upgraded itself, and the new autocorrect feature is really dumb.) I get in the occasional phone call, but there half an hour smack in the middle of my commute when I'm underground, which is slightly inconvenient to say the least.

5. I popped a fuse today in my apartment! My problem was that I was trying to boil water in the hot pot AND toast an English muffin in my toaster oven AT THE SAME TIME! Shocking, I know. The joys living in an old building, eh?

6. But habemus internet! After only two weeks of calling Verizon at least every other day... Turns out, all I had to do was disregard what all the people on the phone said and let the technician come here and connect things outside my place for nearly an hour.

7. And, because I haven't used an image yet for this post, I give you a tie for the week's best memes from facebook. The first would actually have been better as an old-fashioned chain email or something, where you see all the text first and the image last, but ah well!

Seriously, what did we do before the internet? I love people. :D


  1. Grew up in Brooklyn, so true about calling Manhattan "the city." But be very careful. Do NOT call Manhattan "New York City" because that is just insulting. There are five boroughs in NYC, people!

  2. And people love you. :) You city girl.

  3. City life sounds so lovely when other people write about it. :) Introverted me will enjoy reading about your ventures from a safe distance!


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