Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Relaunch!

Hello, my dear readers!

Even forgiving my recent absence due to finals week and general craziness of life, many of you have likely made note of the gradual shift in the focus of this blog.  When I first started writing nearly two years ago, a friend asked me, "Why don't you write a liturgy blog?"  My reply was that I had nothing to contribute to the blogosphere that wasn't already out there already, better-phrased and with more education and experience behind it.
Now I do have something to say.

As you've likely noticed, I've embarked upon an academic quest of sorts.  My goal is to get my mind around the postconciliar reform of the liturgy, and everything leading up to and flowing from it, with a eye to how Summorum Pontificum changes the scene.  This basically requires that I read all the prominent liturgical scholars of the past two centuries.  Blogging has become for me an outlet whereby I process these various ideas.
Thank you to friends like Joe, Aaron, and Anne, who have left helpful comments, and Aaron, Sana, and Fr Dana, who have verbally responded to thoughts I presented here.  I know few of you consider yourselves liturgical experts, but I do know that most of you attend the Sacred Liturgy.

David Fagerburg makes a distinction between liturgists and liturgiologists - any Catholic who regularly attends  Mass is a liturgist; one who studies the liturgy from an academic setting is a a liturgiologist (I simplify, but not much).  You are all liturgists, and I need your input to remain in touch with my own inner liturgist as I continue in liturgiology.  Any feedback you give me on any ideas, no matter how small, will help to form my thesis (which will unfold in this blog during the next year and a half).  For such aid I am truly grateful.

To this end, I have completely renamed and redesigned this blog.  The domain name will remain the same, but the new title is "In Te Speravi," which, poetically translated, means, "In You, O Lord, I have placed my hope."  I don't know where my research and musings are going to take me, except that they will bring me closer to my Lord, and that's all that matters.

In the meantime, I intend to post on a more consistent schedule of twice per week.  Academics come first, of course, but I should be developing the discipline to do such things as well.  After all, I'm unlikely to have this much free time again in the next few decades.

Thank you for reading.  You are in my prayers.

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  1. Good luck with the relaunch and all your new words to come.


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