Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

From lands that see the sun arise
To earth's remotest boundaries,
Let us proclaim the Virgin-born
The Son of Mary, Christ the King.

Divine Creator of the world,
A servile form he now puts on;
The Word made flesh will free mankind
And not lose those who are his own.

Within the Mother's stainless soul
Dwells plentidue of heav'nly grace:
Her sacred womb now bears enshrined
A secret such as none e're told.

The dwelling of that most pure heart
Becomes the temple of the Lord:
Virginity remains untouched
As she conceives God's only Son.

That Child divine is now brought forth
Whom Gabriel announced before;
Whom, cradled in his Mother's womb,
The Baptist knew, and leapt for joy.

Upon mere hay Christ deigns to lie:
He does not spurn a manger bed:
A little milk now nourishes
The One who feeds the very birds.

Celestial choirs resound with song,
And angels praise the Triune God:
To lowly shepherds they reveal
That Shepherd kind, who made the world.

All praise and glory, Lord, be yours,
Whom Virgin bore for all mankind:
All honor to the Father too,
And Holy Spirit, Three in one.  Amen.

-Proper hymn for Lauds, Christmas Morning (OF breviary).
Transcribed from The Mundelein Psalter.

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